The Death of a Friend

I just found out today that Jared Bachelor, one of my greatest friends from high school died on Friday, December 14th of an apparent drug overdose. I don’t know what to say. I loved the man and though I knew he was having a very hard time, I always thought that he would turn things around. You know, like what happens in the afternoon movies where the person hits rock bottom and gets the right help. I will say this, Jared was at least manic depressive if not bipolar. His mood swings took him from the highest highs where he could do anything, to the lowest lows. I’m sure that his drug use was a product of that condition–I only wish he had gotten the right kind of help sooner. Though we have only had intermittent contact over the last ten years, Jared and I were close friends during that transitional period out of high school and on to life. For us that meant surviving our senior year and getting ready to go on an LDS mission. It’s odd thinking of Jared not with us anymore, being “somewhere else.” Because of the memories I have of Jared during that time in our lives–the jokes, the movies we quoted, the bad jobs we shared, and of course, playing D&D–I really do feel like a part of me is gone with him.

Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince
–Hamlet, 5, II


2 thoughts on “The Death of a Friend

  1. That is truly a tragedy. I just finished reading ‘A River Runs Through it’, a beautiful story about how we sometimes struggle to understand and help those who are close to us. It is a difficult thing to go through life reflecting on whether we could have said or done something that would have made a difference to to that person.

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