All Ships Are Away

And by “ships” I mean my applications to PhD programs. I turned in the last one yesterday. I must say, it is a load off. I don’t know that my chances of getting into a program are any better this year than they were last year, but for good or ill, I don’t have to worry about it any more. Yes, if I don’t get accepted to any of my schools then I must still muddle through the 15 stages of grief (some of us grieve more than others), but all decisions are out of my hands at this point.

I called up UC Riverside to make sure they received my application materials. The graduate secretary looked up my file for me and informed me that my file was complete. She went on, however, to apologize for not emailing me that information sooner because UC Riverside had a record number of applicants this year, and it just took so long to file all of the applications… arg! If ever you happen to be talking to an applicant for anything, never say that. Just tell them that it’s between them and 3 others; you’ll save the applicant all kinds of dread.

The upside of having my applications complete is that I’ll have more time to write in my blog. But, since I’ll have my finders crossed for the next 3 months, pleaz forgeev anee tiepows. Thax.


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