"35 Seconds and 3 time outs is an eternity to Tom Brady"

What a game. I tend to root for the underdog, so I really wanted the Giants to win. I don’t have anything against the Patriots, but it was their game, their moment, they needed to earn it. I just didn’t want a blow out victory. You know, the kind that prompt an entire season of comments like the one above. I know announcers are tasked with filling up the air waves, but come on. 35 seconds is 35 seconds no matter who you are–especially if you’ve only scored twice all game long. That comment ranks right up there with some of the Madden greats (none of which come to mind), and a comment Bill Walton made when the Utah Jazz were in the NBA finals. Right before a break the camera moved to an outside shot of the mountains behind Salt Lake City. Walton waxed poetical and praised the “beautiful view of the snow capped Wasatch mountains.” Only problem was, that the finals are played in June… there was no snow in the shot. But meh, what are details to your iconic sports hero turned color commentator?

I thought Belichick’s early exit was among the most classless moves I’ve ever seen in sports, period. It’s right up there with the dads who get in fights over their sons’ little league games. Forget the fact that you have disdain for the rest of the world, Mr. Belichick. Those are your players out there on the field. That you couldn’t be bothered to spend that last second with them in defeat speaks more about you than either your past wins or your current villification for “Spygate.” For my money, it’s the people who stand by you when you’re losing who you remember, not the person you hugged in the thrill of victory. As Captain Hook might say, “bad form, sir. Very bad form.”


One thought on “"35 Seconds and 3 time outs is an eternity to Tom Brady"

  1. I can’t believe you’ve forgotten my favorite Madden quote of all time:

    “For my money, Troy Aikman is the most accurate passer in football.”

    I agree with you about Belichick. He embarassed himself and his franchise by leaving the field early (and by wearing that really horrible hooded sweatshirt).

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