Yes We Can

Yes, this video amounts to little more than a celebrity endorsement (please, no matter what your political persuasion, don’t vote for a candidate because your favorite TV actor says so). However, as someone interested in rhetoric of all kinds, I found this to be a pretty powerful piece of creative argumentation.


2 thoughts on “Yes We Can

  1. Some people have criticized Obama for setting being a bit naive and making unrealistic claims about what he could accomplish as President. I have to tell you, I don’t see it. Just today I listened to his speech in Virginia, where he finished with a promise that when he became President he would transform America and then the world.

    I think that sounds very reasonable.

  2. The argument that Obama lacks substance or is all talk is horribly overblown, especially by people who should know better. Feel free to deride the entire election process, but to criticize Obama for being particularly good at it is … disingenuous. More to come on this particular topic.

    Oh, and so we’re clear, please read my caption. I’m interested in how this video makes its argument, not what it is arguing per se.

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