Equal Time

In the interest of fairness and to avoid being labeled a member of the “liberal media elite,” I have posted this important message from Senator McCain’s supporters.

Speaking of McCain, the AP reported today that McCain attacked Senator Obama, accusing him of offering America “hollow platitudes” instead of real leadership. Said McCain, “My friends, we need someone in the White House who has been in the military. We need someone who is, [chuckle] a maverick, willing to fight for what’s right, not just what’s popular. We need someone who will talk straight with the American people. And most importantly we need someone who has cut porkbarrel spending in the Senate. And frankly, simply repeating the same sound bites or slogans over and over isn’t enough. We need real change in Washington, and as my 25 years in congress indicate, I’m just the kind of outsider we need to get THINGS done! So please, my friends, don’t be lured away by popular messages or rock star rallies. In fact, it would probably be better if you didn’t listen to Senator Obama at all… ever.”
Subtext: McCain criticizes Obama for using platitudes while laying out his own, frequently ironic, list of slogans and hollow rhetoric.

In an unrelated matter, the McCain campaign and the Huckabee campaign continue to workout details in the “celebrity deathmatch” between McCain supporter, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Huckabee supporter, Chuck Norris. Both campaigns are promoting the event as a way to bring “real substance to the political debate,” and promise a “rigorous, thoughtful and serious evaluation of the problems that face our nation… and blood, lots and lots of blood.” HBO has already “donated” several million dollars to each campaign for the PPV rights.

Subtext: McCain and others criticize Obama for being all style and lining up celebrity endorsements, all while courting popular opinion by latching onto (mostly fading) stars of their own.


2 thoughts on “Equal Time

  1. McCain had better be careful. His entire political persona rests on talking down to people who weren’t POW’s in Vietnam. It will be perfectly acceptable for Obama to portray McCain as a tired old man who time has passed and whose ideas (well, his ONE idea) are stale. For obvious reasons it will not be acceptable for McCain to talk about Obama as a boyish, inexperienced, neophyte.

    This will be an exciting matchup to watch. Obama’s overwhelming charisma and paper-thin record provide the perfect combination to make McCain come unglued and display his trademark viciousness.

  2. “paper-thin record,” ha! Obama’s accomplishments would be a life’s work for many people.

    What? No comment on my satire? Since you’re the only one who reads my blog (except Mester), it was written for your benefit. I expect comments of appreciation!

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