Accepted, part II

University of Maryland SealUmm, wow. I heard from the University of Maryland today, my top school. I have been accepted! As those crazy enough to apply to graduate school know, typically you want to see a thick envelope since a thin envelope means that all you were sent was the rejection letter. Well, I got a thin envelope in the mail today from the U of Maryland. Obviously I thought the worst. Once again (as with MSU), I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had been accepted (graduate school official documents that normally make an acceptance letter a thick envelope to follow).

I also heard from the University of Florida today. The news from the swamp was not so good, which made the letter from Maryland all that much more exciting. Getting accepted to Maryland is doubly welcome because it is sufficiently prestigious that I might actually get a job teaching college somewhere when I graduate.

All is not set, however. I was accepted, but I am on a waiting list for funding. I hope to find out soon if that means I just have to wait and I will be funded, or if there’s a chance I won’t be offered funding at all. The University of Maryland is halfway between Washington DC and Baltimore, so it’s an expensive place to live. I might be able to get a job off campus to keep things afloat family wise, but at $9k a semester, there’s no way I’d be able to cover out-of-state tuition. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. Still, I can’t believe I was accepted there–I really did think that Maryland was above my proverbial pay grade. Here’s hoping that everything works out and I can actually attend.


8 thoughts on “Accepted, part II

  1. Congratulations! It’s nice to have options, eh? Good to be loved, even if they don’t provide the funding…
    You’ll go where you need to go.

  2. Thanks, guys. Yeah, I need to adopt your attitude Tony. But right now it’s hard not to feel stressed about things. I still need to hear from UC Riverside and get a funding offer from MSU and Maryland so it feels like life is completely up in the air. But as you say, it’s nice to be loved (at least a little bit), and this year beats the hell out of last year. 🙂

  3. I completely agree – I thought Maryland was way above your pay grade too.

    Of course, I kid…I kid because I love. What a difference a year makes. Congratulations on getting into a top notch school. Here’s hoping that the Maryland state legislature will be especially generous to higher education this year. I’m sure that funding offer is already in the mail.

    For now, just enjoy the positive vibes. If it was me, I’d be hugging that acceptance letter every night as I went to sleep. I might even have a t-shirt made with the letter screen-printed on the back.

  4. From reading the Maryland site, it looks like funding is something they try really hard to provide. Do they expect you to work the entire year? Or would you have the summers to supplement your income?

  5. The job is a TAship, so I would have my summers to find other employment. Most grad students try to pick up a writing class here or there from a community college to get through the summer.

  6. It’s a 4-5 year Ph.D. program. Obviously I would like to do it in 4. The goal is to get a tenure track position somewhere teaching English lit. Those are surprisingly tough jobs to come by, which is why going to a more prestigious school like Maryland actually matters. If I can’t get a college/university job, but I’d be content to each high school English at a private school. I don’t think I could handle the emotional grind of public school.

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