Write Your Own Caption Contest

Obama and Richardson

Ok, I love the new facial hair on Bill. Not only because I’ve taken to wearing a beard myself, but because it makes him totally look like a Bond villain! Or, perhaps his position behind Obama makes him a henchman–either way, it works, baby.

Even better, however, is the look on Obama’s face. One has to wonder just what question he is responding to or to whom he is talking. So, jump right in and offer up what you think Obama is saying. The winner will be given an all expenses paid trip to wherever they currently reside (taxes, title, tips, expenses, not included).

A few primers:

“The ones with the little strawberry on top? Yeah, you’re feelin’ me.”

“Not that “Bill,” but maybe he’ll come around.”

“And then Condoleeaza hands me my passport and says, ‘sorry Mr. Obama.'”

“Get it? Get it? The duck had two webbed feet?!”


And the winner is…

A tie between Scott and Alta!

They say that life is 95% about showing up. Well nothing proves that more than a contest here at The Porter Bureau. In addition to their entries being witty, insightful and bursting with hilarity, Scott and Alta were the only contestants… so they win! Here, reprinted without their permissions, are their entries:


“When your hunger is pokin’ atcha, ‘pokin atcha” (remember that old Snickers ad?)


“You doity rat!”

Thanks for playing you two. Nothing will be mailed to you with no instructions on how to not claim your rewards. Congratulations!


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