A friend of mine (Scott) thinks that William Shatner is my doppelganger. And thought I would prefer someone associated with less camp as my evil twin, if you had the misfortune to observe me acting in high school, then you know that The Shat and I share more than our rugged good looks.

Well, today I found out that Bill and I share something else: a love of–and I’m going to join him in spreading the good word. Now, I’m pretty skeptical about anything, and advertising even more so. That’s the reason that I’ve never tried before–it’s all just a sham to drive you to their site where they offer you the same prices as everywhere else. Well color me purple and call me Mabel, but priceline is for real! Yup, you heard it here first folks (ok, probably not first).

A regular car rental at Reagan National Airport is $65 a day. Now, anywhere else away from the airport a rental car goes for about $35 a day. I was so desperate not to fall victim to the “you got no where else to go” pricing strategy of the airport car rentals that I tried priceline. Shazam! I put in my bid for the “honest” rental price of $35 a day and got it!

Well, momma Olsen didn’t raise no fool, so I decided to try priceline for my hotel. Shazam again! I got a $160 room for $60 a night. I have to tell you, I’m sold. Whatever gerbils Priceline has running those wheels behind the computer screen are working. So… need to travel? One word: Priceline.

My evil twin and I highly recommend it.


4 thoughts on “Priceline

  1. Indeed. The Shat Incarnate. Does Priceline do overseas stuff? ‘Cause I need to get some cheap tickets to London.

    BTW, congrats on getting the dough for school!

  2. Thanks, Scott. Yeah, Priceline does international travel as well as domestic. However, I hear that they’re less effective at securing cheap airfare than they are things like hotels and car rentals. Best of luck–I shall spend all summer being jealous of you and Alta.

  3. Porter, congratulations on your accpetance to Maryland. I’m excited to hear about all your adventures, well mostly Dianas and Byrons. Anyway, could you put some pictures of the family on your blog? Good luck in grad school. We’ll be thinking of you. Kaddi

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