The New York Times Rips Off My Blog

Ok, so we’re all probably thinking the same thing, so it’s possible that this Baker guy and the NY Times editorial board came up with the idea to write about how the Republicans are presenting themselves as an insurgence candidacy … against themselves all on their own. Perhaps they say it better than I did. You decide.

The Party In Power, Running as if it Weren’t


Running Against Themselves

Of course, please feel free to dismiss their analysis out of hand because they’re the “liberal media elite”– the three foulest cuss words in the Republican lexicon. (For real, GOP kids cover their ears when you say “media” and parents use the euphemism “them know-it-all bastards on the east coast” when talking about the press to protect their children’s delicate sensibilities .)


4 thoughts on “The New York Times Rips Off My Blog

  1. No. It actually wasn’t what I was thinking.

    I was thinking Dems & the Gop are allergic to common ground. And common sense. There were some pretty plain truths that were evident. Each side is so entrenched in its position, they can’t give any ground.

    The longer this thing drags out, the more disillusioned I get with Obama. I loved watching him fight it out with Hillary. And even rooted for him. But to see him lined up against John McCain, and to hear him call Palin inexperienced. It’s laughable. Oprah has called her experience at the DNC” transforming”. Good Grief.

    You can rip apart Romney, Huckabee, Guliani, and Palin line by line. But a Republican can defend the same speech. It’s like a dog chasing its tail. It’s entertaining for 30 seconds, but we all know how it ends.

    This is what I want to hear: I am going to vote for ______ because_____. And Voting for Obama because he voted against the war is not an appropriate answer, we should be beyond that now.

  2. Anne: Ok, you’re right. You’re right, you’re right, you’re right. The differences between the GOP and Dems is laughably small, despite their protestations of anamosity. No matter who wins in Nov., the possiblity that anything significant will get done on all the core issues (economy, environment, healthcare) are minimal. Just think of what Bush promissed in 2000 and 2004–none of it got done. We’re still talking about those same three issues.

    The truth is that I don’t care for either party. My first attempt to say “Why Obama” turned into a repudiation of the 2 party system. I will, now that the conventions are over, try to spell out why Obama in a more detailed and focused way, but ultimately it’s because the political pendulum has swung SO FAR to the right. The NeoCon agenda has been devistating to the US and, even admitting that the parties are basically the same bought-and-paid-for politicians, I hope that an Obama adminstration can bring us back to center a little bit.

  3. Porter, You had me at: “Anne: Ok, you’re right. You’re right, you’re right, you’re right.”

    but even my ego couldn’t fight off “Obama adminstration can bring us back to center a little bit.”
    I am assuming you are serious. He makes HRC & McCain
    look centre of things.

  4. I guess it just depends on how far one feels the political pendulum has swung to the right (which could be “not at all” of course). To be sure Obama is farther to the left than HRC or McCain, but that, imho, is what we need to offset the economic deregulation and militant foreign policy of the neo cons–someone to push the pendulum back the other way. A centrist candidate in an era when our political balance is so far out of whack will do nothing but maintain the status quo. Just think of how McCain now supports the Bush tax cuts that he once opposed. What was once a dangerous push to the right is now considered baseline normal for the RNC. McCain may want to right our political ship a bit, but he’s beholden to his party and will have to do what they ask of him lest they dump him for Palin, which may happen anyway.

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