Thomas Friedman Rips off My Brain!

In several recent conversations, I have expressed my desire for the US to establish itself as a leader in the coming renewable energy revolution. I have argued that the country that can develop a sustainable energy grid that divorces itself from the diminishing oil reserves will be the leader for the next century. The United States under Bush is reactionary and mind-locked into the ideas of the 20th century and will eventually be surpassed by Russia, Europe and China if we don’t find a way to stop shipping our wealth to the middle east, Venezuela, and especially those ner-do-wells up in Canada.

Well, just as I’m about to post these thoughts on my blog, Thomas Friedman swoops in and publishes a book with the same call for America to pull itself out of the Bush-Cheney-McCain “Drill Here, Drill Now!” mentality. He then has the temerity to scoop me and talk about it on NBC’s Meet the Press. Coincidence? Or does Mr. Friedman posses a mindreader device that pick the thoughts out of my head? We may never know.


2 thoughts on “Thomas Friedman Rips off My Brain!

  1. The point is a good one, though perhaps problematically expressed. But really, that’s what we talked about the other day: the Kennedy speech that initiates a national movement and focus on a shared goal.

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