Lies, Lies, Lies, Ye-ah!



Though perhaps equal in unintentioned creepiness, John McCain’s recent spate of lies is significantly more disturbing than even a hallucination inspiring 80’s New Wave video. Before this week, McCain made a lair of himself by undermining his two greatest campaigning promises:

1: He promised to run an honorable campaign on the issues. Somewhere around Paris Hilton and Moses, I think he ditched those pesky values.

2: He promised the nation that the determining factor for who would be his VP was going to be their ability to assume the office of President were he to meet an untimely end. Enter Sarah “There’s a Bush Doctrine? None of my handlers mentioned that” Palin.

Well, this week McCain outdid himself. He outright lied in at least two instance: when he complained about Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” statement (a folksy colloquialism McCain has used himself), and when he released an add saying that Obama wanted to teach “comprehensive” sex education to kindergartners… Obama’s plan is to teach children how to avoid sexual predators.

So Mr. McCain. You’ve proven that you’ll do anything and throw anyone under the bus to get elected. Now that you’ve ruled out your experience and character, what, exactly, are you running on again? Oh, Palin’s appeal to the gun-toting right. Meh, it just might work.


7 thoughts on “Lies, Lies, Lies, Ye-ah!

  1. Election 08 is a train wreck. I mean though if you’re gonna get crazy/nasty, I’d go with the Sex ed for kindergarteners. Thats all in.

    negative works, always has always will. its too lucrative not to go there. It pays off big!

    Palin is going to lose her momentum after the SNL skit. You can throw all the policy at her, but one skit on SNL could slow her down.

  2. How wonderful to just finish a post on the intellectual posturing of the left, only to visit your blog and see a perfect example.

    That Sarah Palin. She required clarification on the precise meaning of the Bush Doctrine. What a dumb hockey-mom-hick. They shouldn’t allow her out of Alaska. Anyone smart enough to be VP should know its a doctrine justifying the idea of pre-emptive warfare.

    Oh, except that the term has also been used to describe America’s unilateral withdrawal from Kyoto, the ABM treaty, and others….

    Or that it’s also been used to describe America’s fundamental mission to spread democracy through the world….

    Or even to explain that any nation who harbors terrorists will be considered a hostile regime by the United States.

    So even though the Bush Doctrine has been associated with four distinct aspects of recent US foreign policy, Palin should have automatically guessed which one of the four Gibson was referring to…

    What a dumb backwoods rube.

  3. Election 08 is a train wreck.
    Well said. Before the primaries, if you had told me that my choices in this year’s election were going to be either John McCain or Barack Obama, I would have been very content. Watching McPalin undermine everything he’s ever stood for in order to get elected has been disheartening in the most painful of ways.

    You’re telling me that you were impressed with how Palin handled that question? Hmmm.

    You are very right in a way. After the fact the apologists (like you) have come out in force for the embattered victim of the MSM. But at issue is not the ambiguity of the term, at issue is the fact that she never said it was a question of which Bush Doctrine, but if there was a Bush Doctrine. Had she at any time not looked like a deer in the headlights and said, “Well Charlie, that term has been used to define any number of Pres. Bush’s foreign policies, could you specify which usage you are referring to?” this would be a non issue (and robbed us of a great SNL skit).

    But more seriously, you have (as is typical) completely overlooked the main point of my post and zeroed in on a single, less than relevant issue. Next time address the topic at hand. (Which in this case was, obviously, cutting-edge New Wave hairstyles and music video production.)

  4. Alas, you are correct on that account. But what am I supposed to do? Admit that you are right about McCain throwing away everything that has (supposedly) defined his character and career for almost three decades? Admit the you have a point about Obama being the more honorable candidate in the race? Shall I concede that experience suddenly seems to matter not at all?


    Though I’ll happily throw McCain under the bus (and drive it) I will continue to defend Palin to the end. The smug, posturing, condescending attitude of those on the left towards the rest of America (who live in between NY and LA) drives me absolutely batty.

    Don’t forget Obama once appeared confused about how many states were in the union. I don’t see any SNL skits about that gaffe.

  5. Right. Palin couldn’t possibly have known what the Bush Doctrine meant because (like all of red America) she’s an ignorant backwoods moonshiner from Alaska.

    Where does this idea that conservatives are stupid come from? The left has been using it very effectively on Bush for eight years now, and they also used it on Reagan during his tenure in office.

    I think that many of your readers would be fascinated to have you explain why Obama is so much smarter than Palin, or even Bush for that matter.

  6. You’re reading a lot into my words. I have always maintained that Bush was much smarter than the left gave him credit for, and I have no doubt that Palin is a competent mayor and governor. Though not proven in a national contest, she shows all the making of a seasoned politician. While infuriating, they way she dodged questions in her single interview was masterful. Bill Clinton could take lessons from her.

    Issues, Shane, issues. I don’t give a damn if she has a BA in communication or a law degree from Harvard, I care about where she stands on the issues. The near collapse of the US fiscal system because Bush was either enabling Wall Street greed or turning a blind eye to it threatens both the US and world economies. The war in Iraq, protestations to the contrary, is not won and won’t be solved by American forces. The health care crisis in America continues unaddressed after eight years of a Bush presidency. “Drill here, Drill now” is the worst of sloganeering and is a pointless exercise. I don’t care if Palin wants to make more guns and sell them on the streets of US cities herself. I care about how she might govern, and on every major issue I care about she’s so far to the right that I literally get butterflies in my stomach at the thought of her in the White House.

    You heard it here first. If McCain wins, expect a revolution.

    Re Intellect:
    Gauging intellect is problematic in the best of situations. Throw in ‘partisan rancor’ and you can toss out the idea all together. Our profession tells us that Obama is the more intelligent of the two because of his stellar education and job as a U of Chicago law professor. Counter that easily enough with Palin’s practical experience and proven success as a mayor and a governor. I think it’s clear, however, that she has catching up to do on foreign policy and in fact being a good governor means that she’s probably disconnected from many of the key national issues in the US (she has to focus on running her state, after all).

    But see, you come at this issue all wrong. You think that it’s the Dems who need to (or are trying to) prove that she’s dumb. Hardly. The notion is laughable even. The media and Obama have treated her with kid gloves, desperate not to appear sexists. And with McCain jumping on ‘lipstick’ they way he did, we don’t have to wonder why. Honeymoon’s over soon. Come debate time, expect her to be treated like a politician, not a celebrity. No, it’s the job of the GOP to sell Americans on the idea that she’s qualified and informed enough to do the job of POTUS were McCain to shuffle off this mortal coil. “The Interview” didn’t accomplish that task, so they (like you) are out there bitching and complaining that people are attacking her intellect and treating her like a country rube. Simply not buying the line we’re fed (especially given the source), doesn’t mean anyone’s attacking Palin’s intellect.

    Did you watch even a single DNC debate? Obama WON one of the most hard fought contests for a major party’s nomination in years, and he did it against the Clinton machine. Obama has demonstrated his political resilience, the quality of his ideas, and his capacity to think quickly on his feet. Palin may be all that and more, but she has yet to demonstrate it to American voters outside of Alaska.

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