Yar me hardies, today be Ye ol’ Talk Like a Pirate day. So faar today, we ask that ye set aside yer political acrimony and celebrate with us a less complicate errra. An errra where vowels were long, women had bad breath, and wooden legs be all the rage. Ye may resume yar political bick’rin on the morrow. Talk like a pirate


2 thoughts on “Arrrgh!!

  1. Ahoy, me lo’e Obama!!, argh! His beautiful face ri’als all else. He has the freshest policy ideals the se’en seas o’er. It will be all sunshine & roses at day break when he is elected. Choosin’ Biden shows his wonderful Judgment, argh! Long Li’e Obama!, argh!

    nope even in Pirate it sounds like crap.

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