Palin, Palin, wherefore art thou Palin?

So the great Palin saga continues in America, though overshadowed by a mere complete collapse of the US financial system. Now, in discussions here and in other places, Palinites have defended her tooth and nail. They have argued that the liberals just can’t admit that someone who didn’t go to an Ivy League school and opposes abortion even in the case of rape could posses a shred of intellect. In their partisan furor, however, they seem to overlook the fact that we as Americans have nothing to judge Palin’s intellect, political savvy, potential capacity as a commander-in-chief, or economic acumen on other than the constantly repackaged stump speech that she gave at the RNC Convention. Her one interview drew mixed reviews, so her handlers quickly placed her back in the cellophane wrapper–safe from those deference challenged liberals and all their pesky questions about irrelevant things, like her stand on the major political issues of the day.

So to the Palinites, I say be bold! Don’t let that old curmudgeon, John McCain, sequester Sarah Palin behind phony Sean Hannity interviews. Prove her detractors wrong. Do away with the infomercial-as-interviews and let her answer a question and prove her political chops. Do that, and if she’s half of what the right claims she is, I will be the first to stand up and say she’s qualified to be president of the United States. But if you let the McCain campaign continue to treat her like the red-headed stepchild hidden in the attic, then I will brook no more whining about how the MSM doesn’t show her proper deference.


5 thoughts on “Palin, Palin, wherefore art thou Palin?

  1. That clip was awesome! My fave is how every time Palin does talk she refers to the ticket as Palin-McCain and calls John HER running mate!!!

  2. it’s funny, but if you substitute Obamas name for Palins you’d have the republican/ HRC argument.word for word.
    But I wonder if something, God forbid, were to happen to Biden, would Obama be up to being President??? Ooops. My bad.

  3. Anne,
    Normally I respect your opinions a great deal. But you’re kidding right? I mean, my word, who HASN’T interviewed Obama? He went on Bill O’Reilly for crying out loud. He’s been interviewed by every major news organization and been in numerous nationally televised debates. You may not like what he has to say, but it’s impossible to argue that he hasn’t been out there letting people ask him questions.

    And that’s all I’m asking. If Palin is really that qualified and sharp, take off the training wheels already. Lets see her without the handlers and the filters. To quote Fox Mulder, I want to believe. McPalin just hasta give us something to believe in.

  4. You’re comparison Palin, who’s been running for Vice President for two WEEKS, with Obama, who’s been running for President for two YEARS. How long did it take for Barry to show up on Fox News Sunday? You may not remember but Chris Wallace had an Obama clock that kept track of the months between when Obama was invited and when he decided to appear.

    It’s difficult to argue Palin’s been treated with kid-gloves when every segment of the media has gone after her from the very start – the baby isn’t hers, her daughter is pregnant, troopergate, evangelical radical, the whole works.

    Of course they’re being careful with her. She’s not ready for this type of race. But this is and always will be a losing argument for Democrats because we’re not electing her President – she’ll have a grace period to get up to speed on the nature of the job, which quite frankly is not that important.

    Obama, on the other hand…

  5. Umm, nope. I’m not comparing the two, Anne was. I refuted her, so I’m glad to see that you support my position. I know that must have been very painful for you, and I respect the courage it took for you to do it.

    It’s difficult to argue Palin’s been treated with kid-gloves when every segment of the media has gone after her from the very start – the baby isn’t hers, her daughter is pregnant, troopergate,

    Give me a break. “Went after her” pashaw, you mean “did their job”? And get your facts straight, it was the McCain campaign that broke the story about Palin’s daughter. Sure, some internet rumors were spreading about her family, but CNN and the like didn’t start to talk about it until McPalin did. If you’re gonna have a vicarious martyr complex, at least have something to be martyred for.

    It’s not like I’m asking Palin to give an interview to (though she did give an interview to Fox News, so why not?). Go on CNN, go on Meet the Press, go on 60 minutes, or hey, I hear nobody watches the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, she can talk to them if she likes. You and others maintain that she’s this brilliant “real world” politician. Fine, lets see her meet the basic test of even the most insignificant presidential candidate and go talk to the media. I stand ready to be proven wrong in my assessment of her, but make no mistake, it is HER (and her handler’s) job to convince us, not our job to tip toe around her lest we be smacked with epithets of sexism or worse, elitism.

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