I Ask, They Deliver

Such is the editorial power of The Porter Bureau. I haven’t had a chance to watch the interview yet, but it should prover interesting. I’ll be interested to read people’s reactions.

Umm, ouch. It’s fitting, really. Sarah Palin now completes the trifecta of “undercutting every campaign message of John McCain.”
McCain pre Palin: Experience is everything!
McCain post Palin: Experience? meh, overrated.
McCain pre Palin: I’m a maverick, a M-A-V-E-R-I-K (I’m so maverick I even spell it my own way)
McCain post Palin: I’m all about the evangelical base! Always was! We’re the party of assault weapons and paternal rights for rapists, don’t ya know.
McCain pre Palin: Sure, anyone can give a “speech,” but it’s the ability to turn off the teleprompter and speak to the American people directly that shows true character and leadership.
McCain post Palin: Do they make White Out for life? I’d like a do-over.


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