True Story

Despite a litany of conservative commentators criticizing the McCain campaign for fallaciously trying to link Senator Obama to terrorism, some in the Republican party still hold to the notion that McCain is the victim of left leaning spin. They argue that what we see in the media is not reality, but a “narrative” outlined by the left to convince Americans that, for example, Gov. Palin is wholly unqualified for the office of Vice President of the United States. I disagree with this counter narrative, and would point out that my criticism of Palin has always been tied to her own words and her own actions, not spin from the left. Sarah Palin, in my opinion, needs help from no one to demonstrate that she is unfit for national public office.

Republicans have hidden behind accusations of media bias for at least as long as I have followed politics, and it would be silly to think that they’ll stop now. However, today General Colin Powell, a Republican who served in both Bush presidencies, announced that he would support Barak Obama for president. In his explanation of why he is supporting Obama, Powell listed many of the same items that I have observed here on TPB: 1) Sarah Palin is unqualified for VP; 2) the McCain campaign’s recent negative personal attack ads and campaign speeches are reprehensible; and 3) the Republican party’s far right-wing ideology is bankrupt. 

Given the discussion above, I think Powell’s comments are very important. This is not David Brooks, a token conservative for a liberal rag, this is Colin freakin Powell, once future of the Republican party. Powell’s comments are not a liberal narrative and they are not spin; they express what is really happening in the truly ugly campaign McCain has run. Perhaps McCain and other conservatives will consider the criticisms of General Powell out of respect for the source. I won’t hold my breath, but I hope that Powell’s comments will at least give them pause before they dismiss future criticism as leftist story telling. 


5 thoughts on “True Story

  1. I resent you dismissing my argument as simply a “counter-narrative.” What I say represents the truth, plain and simple. Anyone who disagrees with me, those are the people you need to be wary of, brother.

    In your careful list of why Powell is supporting Obama (indeed a marvelous display of courage and conviction two weeks before the election with Barry way up in the polls) you forgot to mention reason #4:

    Cabinet position.

    Powell can perform whatever penance he thinks appropriate and ingratiate himself with the future power brokers. He is as responsible for this Iraq campaign as W.

  2. Shorthand version of Shane’s comment:
    “I speak the truth. Fear anyone who disagrees with me.”
    Intellectual fascism anyone? We got it here, going cheap.

    Powell states later in the interview that he has no interest in reentering public service, btw.

  3. BTW

    After conducting several interviews and a lengthy investigation, the Secret Service has concluded that the fabled “Kill Him!” shoutout at a McCain rally never actually happened.

    The only person who ever heard that threat was the Scranton reporter who wrote about it. I guess it’s another example of seeing middle America the way you want to see it.

  4. Whew! Well that’s a relief.

    That means that Republicans are only shouting “terrorist!” at him and calling him an Arab, with the implication that 1) Arabs are all terrorists and 2) being an Arab disqualifies someone from holding public office.

    No longer calling for the death of black men who dare run for office is a real step up for you conservatives. You should really feel proud.

  5. I was thinking the other day that, after USC was beat by Oregon State (the team the Utes beat BTW), that the sport’s press was very critical of USC.

    According to the Republican “we prefer no facts please” mentality, the reports about USC would be evidence of just anti-USC spin.

    But USC didn’t make these sorts of complaints about a media bias. They addressed the problems they had, and now, I think they are back on track to being a pretty good team.

    Too bad politicians can’t learn from a football team.
    Any modern football coach who tried any “the sports media is against us” would be heckled and probably fired. It all boils down to what happens on the field, and in this case, McCain has fumbled more than once in this game.

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