Vote. Believe. Hope.


2 thoughts on “Vote. Believe. Hope.

  1. Really??!!! Your still sticking with him huh??? I though maybe your lack of posts were due to you humbly switching your vote..

    well, feel free to ask me any questions on what it feels like to live in a semi-socialist country(untill I am required to give all my paycheck to the government rather than just half I’ll go with Semi) I can tell you what it’s like to pay for health care run by the government, and only having to wait 18- 24 months for surgery, all the while running a huge deficit.

    I can also tell you what it’s like to be “neighbourly” and “fair”and pay my patriotic 50% of my pay cheque so that someone else can collect welfare, live in government subsidised housing, and recieve endless benifits due to their low income status. but thats just fair. It’s good to spread the wealth.

    I Love Canada! it works for us!! I just think Americans should come live here to “try”it out first… because this is where you guys are heading!!!

    Ohh sorry I didn’t watch the video, I’ve had way to much halloween Candy.. I am over loaded on the sappy sweet stuff!!!

    Happy November 4th!!!

  2. With all do respect, I think the slippery slope arguments are very unconvincing. Obama isn’t proposing socialism, unless you consider the US in the 90s socialist (it wasn’t). Nor is he proposing government run health care like you have in Canada. As far as “my check” goes (forgive the Americanized spelling), I will get more back under Obama than I will under McCain, so that’s hardly a reason not to vote for Obama.

    You see, Bush got away with his tax cuts for the rich by offering the boiler plate republican line about “trickle down.” Well, the American people got trickled on, but it wasn’t money comin down. Einstein famously tells us that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing over and over and expect a different result. We’ve seen the result of the current Republican platform (imploding economy and two unwinnable wars). We would have to be insane not to try something different.

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