There Won't Be Snow in Africa This Christmas


Christmas is, among other things, a time to indulge. Some indulge in family fun, others in excessive eating, and perhaps most commonly, many indulge in rampant and unapologetic commercial/consumer-ism. While I subscribe to all of those Christmas indulgences, one particular excess defines my Christmas celebration.

Yes, I am a closet “Do They Know it’s Christmas Time” fan. Every December 15th I sneak over to, shut the door, put on my headphones, and do a search for “pointless yet well meaning big haired 80s pop supergroup.” I smile a little as George Michael’s mullet fills the screen.

Well this year no more. I shall push my indulgence just a little further and subject any foolish enough to click on my blog to share my revelry of big hair and hammy singers.

Enjoy the video. Look below for my top five moments.

1. How is it possible that in a room full of dated trendified poplets, Sting still manages to look cool as ice? The look on his face says, ” in 6 years you all will look like a bunch of fools, but I’ll still look gooood.”

2. Bono doing his  Bobcat Goldthwait impression (both visually and vocally)

3. Phil Collins just workin those drums

4. I SWEAR that Simon LaBon looks exactly like my friend Cam did in high school

5. The best line ever written in pop music: “There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas.” You know, it’s too bad that Band Aid didn’t work. As far as I know, it still doesn’t snow in Africa. (Kilimanjaro doesn’t count)


5 thoughts on “There Won't Be Snow in Africa This Christmas

  1. I think Kilimanjaro does count….

    But yes, everything else you said is cool.
    Sting is totally the coolest cat in the the room.
    Bono wishes his mullet would go away. And what kind of lyric is that? I think he must have lost the straw grab.
    George Michael is a far better vocalist than I’d ever admit.
    Boy George is kinda lame.
    Cam -er- Simon Lebon is a bit too pretty for my taste.
    Phil Collins showed up with his drums and demanded to play…. really.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Bob was always more up-front than others. He was the face and the spokesman.

    And then there’s the little matter of being English vs. Scottish…

    I’m guessing that when the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to either Bono or Sir Bob, Midge will lead an angry mob, smashing and destroying everything that gets in his way.

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