Jon Stewart Pwns the Zeitgeist

So to the rest of us, the vitriol spewing from the angry right (Mike Savage, Rush, Sean “Great American” Hannity, Glen Beck… all of Fox “news”) is curious if not outright disconcerting. How can the world look so different from their perspective? Sure, ratcheting people up and employing half truths (if that) is their job, well what they get paid for at any rate, but the hypocrisy seems a little thick, even for this band of McCarthy-lites. Anyone who disagrees with their particular kneejerk brand of conservatism is quickly labeled both a Socialist and a Nazi. You know, if you’re going to slander the freely elected leader of the country that you purport to love, you could at least do a little homework and find out that those two positions are, ideologically, mutually exclusive. See: WW II, Eastern front

But, as is frequently the case, Jon Stewart has entertainingly captured the general reaction to those crazy fellers on Fox better than I can here on my little blog (must be my lack of a teleprompter). Check it out.

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5 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Pwns the Zeitgeist

  1. John Stewart nails it right on the head when he says to Republicans, “You lost – deal with it.” When someone you disagree with gets elected, he/she is going to do things you don’t like. Stewart understands that the GOP whining is really no different from what what we heard out of Democrats for the past eight years.

    What fascinates me is that most Democracts really DO think its different. When Bush was in power, dissent was patriotic. If you referred to the President as a war criminal and suggested he be impeached and put on trial, it was only because you cared about human rights.

    Now that Obama is running things, dissent is criminal. People who call him a socialist and argue that he is taking away freedoms are really just inciting hatred and ratcheting people up.

    Now THAT’s balance.

  2. I agree with your reading of Stewart’s comments. His tongue-in-cheek comment at the end emphasizes exactly what you’re saying. And, as always, there is none-too-subtle hypocrisy coming from the party on the political up swing.

    Where I disagree with you is when it comes to actions: Bush’s policy of preemptive war, his treatment of “enemy combatants” and his use of torture–right or wrong–necessitated a sharp reaction from those who opposed him.

    On the other hand, that the tea baggers should come out decrying the dissolving of capitalism and the instigation of reeducation camps because the top income earners will be asked to pay an additional 3% hardly seems like it merits accusations of socialism/Nazism/communism.

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