Say It Ain't So, Sarah!

There you go again, blaming the MSM for running you out of office (can someone please point me to the apocryphal personal attacks on her downs syndrome son Trip?).

Truly, this incessant “play the victim” line of hers is the only thing that really bugs me. It offends my sense of strategery. Yes, it’s good to garner sympathy, but everyone who CAN name a major newspaper other than the Wasilla Frontiersman knows that if she thinks she’s being picked on now, just wait till she comes to the lower 48.

Take, for example, her Facebook entry: “[T]hough it’s honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now, for some reason a different standard applies for the decisions I make.” The not-so-subtle reference here is to President Obama leaving the senate after he was elected POTUS. But the comparison is, of course, ridiculous if for no other reason than that Obama only resigned his position AFTER being elected.

Now, some Palin apologists argue that in order to be on an even playing field with the likes of Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, she can’t be up in Alaska where she’s isolated and tied down by that pesky “governor” job thing. She needs to be out raising money and glad handing in the lower 48. Fair enough. Politically it makes sense for her to get out of Dodge. But for the love of all that’s holy woman, don’t blame your choice on the media. Not only does it make you look thin skinned and unready for prime time, but your claims about being especially targeted are demonstrably untrue. Don’t believe me? Google “Hillary Clinton.”


5 thoughts on “Say It Ain't So, Sarah!

  1. Not entirely unexpected, not entirely surprising.
    Ms. Palin’s departure from the national stage was far more anticlimactic than I had expected.
    Sure, it took the form of a meltdown, or perhaps a temper tantrum, but I really thought she would listen to the yes-men who were pushing her to be the next whatever…
    Now, she has severely diminished her chances of ever being taken seriously again. As if it was possible.

    Indeed, Alta- she is wacky, but Utah is about to undergo a wackapalooza with the gubernatorial change. Be afraid.

    RIP Maverick.

  2. “Wacky,” what a great word to describe conservatives, Alta (at least some of them–i.e. not Joey).

    Still, I feel for Palin. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I feel she has no business being on the national public stage, but I think she could have been an exceptional regional leader in Alaska and in the West. If you watch the Alaskan gubernatorial debates, she’s a whole different person from the “I live next to Russia!” politician we saw last year. She knew her stuff and she spoke articulately about the issues of the state.

    As Pete implied, the yes-men pushing her to be more than she is prepared/cutout for have done her and her family no favors. I’m sure we haven’t see the last of her wink, nor heard the last of her whining about the MSM, but she’s now got as much chance of being POTUS as the wolves she heli-hunts do of living to old age.

  3. I still like Palin and think she’s a great spokesperson for the conservative movement, thought not perhaps as a Presidential candidate. There has never been a political like her on the national stage, as confirmed by the fact that her rallies consistently drew larger numbers than McCain.

    She speaks to women who are tired of being told they must forego family in order to focus on their careers. She speaks to people who still believe Christianity has a place in American life. And she connects with those who still celebrate small-town values (poor misguided fools that they are…)

    It is true to say that Hillary has been treated just as poorly (or worse) than Palin. The far more interesting comparison, however, is the media’s treatment of Biden.

    Palin gaffed on several occassions and revealed that she was a novice in the national arena. And when she did, every single media commentator used it as confirmation of the well-established fact that rural Americans don’t know anything (except possibly how to make bath-tub gin or shoot animals from helicopters.)

    Biden, by comparison, has been a complete trainwreck. During the VP debates, this expert on foreign policy claimed that the US had driven Hezbollah out of Lebanon. During the pandemonium of the Swine-Flue epidemic, Biden encouraged people not to leave their homes. The One has spent an enormous amount of first six months correcting the thoughtless remarks of his President-in-waiting.

    But when he does, Obama’s groupies in the media just chuckle to themselves and say, “Run along you little scamp – that’s just Joe being Joe.”

    As for the ‘myth’ of the media attacking Palin’s family, are you serious? Bristol’s pregnancy was the punchline of countless late-night jokes, and the subject of many editorials ridiculing Palin for having the nerve to present herself as a representative of family values. Andrew Sullivan speculated that Trigg was actually Bristol’s daughter, and this groundless conspiracy theory was repeated by many other commentators.

    For several months, attacking Palin has been a form of low-hanging fruit for journalists eager to either deflate or exploit her popularity. In turn, Palin has responded by portraying herself as a victim of media bias, a tactic guaranteed to appeal to conservatives who vote in primaries.

    In short, its a brilliant political move by a politician who’s preparing for 2012.

  4. Shane :

    In short, its a brilliant political move by a politician who’s preparing for 2012.

    Dear Lord lets hope not. You and Palin make the mistake of confusing “the media,” i.e. everything broadcast anywhere or published on the most spurious website, with “journalism.”

    If you get your news from David Letterman’s nightly monologue, then maybe you and she have a point. But the Hillary Clinton comparison still holds. Clinton has been the butt of more late-night jabs than anyone I can think of, and she would continue to take those shots if Obama hadn’t eclipsed her political star so completely. No, if Palin wants to do more than win a few mid-west, Mormon fearing primaries in 2012, she’ll have to learn to take her lumps on the late-night circuit and distinguish the journalists from the stand-ups. Of course, someone may have to explain just exactly what a journalist is first, but that’s really not too much growth to ask for from a University of Idaho graduate with a degree in journalism. (I am not disparaging the U of Idaho here–especially given my own modest educational pedigree–, rather just pointing out that someone with her degree ought to be able to name a major US newspaper.)

    As far as Joe goes, I agree with you except that I don’t think the “media” gives him a pass. He gets as many late-night jabs as Palin, and he’s got as much chance of being POTUS as she does… unless Obama can’t quit smoking that is.

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