Kill the whinos, kill the whinos!

David Brooks, or as I like to call him, “the thinking man’s conservative,” recently wrote an op-ed piece comparing the state of the health care system in America to a horde of trampling rhino’s charging through our national village. An apt metaphor to be sure:

The rhinos are closing off your future. As the White House folks say, health care premiums have doubled over the last decade. The government is saddled with $36 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

So your only question should be: Where do you find a tool or weapon big enough to stop the rhino stampedes? You know the problem is big, and you figure the response had better be gigantic.

Then you look on Capitol Hill and you see a bunch of popguns. The politicians describe these big ugly problems, but when it comes time to talk about their remedies they tell you: Don’t worry. Nothing’s going to change. In other words, we’re going to eliminate the biggest, hairiest, most entrenched problem in the country without fundamentally changing the system and without asking for sacrifice from anybody.

Good luck.

He has a critical point. If whatever group-think, underfunded, compromise laden, don’t scare the old folks worded, “slippery slope to socialism” redacted bill that comes out of congress doesn’t have the strength to actually address the issue, then the results will be all too predictable.

But, for all of Brooks’s insight and keen analysis, I dare you to try to read his article without the following song in your head. (It won’t work, I tried.)


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