Fear and Loathing in Washington D. C.

Where to start? Joe Wilson proving that, in fact, the main-stream of the Republican party are a bunch of nut-cases that wouldn’t know civil discourse if it yelled “end big government!” at them? Or how about the whiplash inducing conservative reversal on “respect for the office” to “the President wants to brain-wash our chillen!”? And then there’s the town hall meeting on Washington which Fox–their journalistic integrity safely residing at zero–reported on by using a photo over a decade old. If you’re going to doctor photos in order to artificially inflate the numbers and significance of your rally, the least you can do is scrub off the “1998” in the bottom corner. Shame on us for paying attention I guess.

I have some good friends who are conservative, and as individuals I respect their opinion. But as a movement, I can’t help but think that the Fox News sponsored, corporate apologist, lily-white, near racist (see Joe Wilson again), history challenged, ideology conflating (look, pick either communism of fascism as your boogy man; using both makes you look selfish), marching-against-their-own-best-interest right-wingers need some quiet time and perhaps some breathing exercises. Once they can play nice with the rest of the kids, they can rejoin civil society.

I mean, whats the worst that could happen?  ... Oh

I mean, what's the worst that could happen? ... Oh


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